What is steel reuse all about ?

A mix of expertise and know-how with our subsidiary General Metal Reedition

A digital market place, Sinfina, where you can buy reused metal components and, therefore, find ideas to build while saving CO²

So, what do we do, every day, at General Metal Reedition ?

                                Picto expertise

Expertise: Feasibility of deconstruction.
Expertise of quality, re-usability rate, market value

                  Picto Déconstruction                                

Meticulous deconstruction: Knowledge and mastery of dismantling techniques.

                 Picto Co-stocker                                    

Storage: if a structure is not immediately assigned to a project, we store it as long as necessary.

                 Picto façonner                                

Workshop processing: 
The workshop process enables us to adapt/adjust recovered structures before reintegrating them with new specifications into a new project.

                 Picto reconstruction                                

Reconstruction: We reinstall the works according to the new specifications. This final stage allows GMre to guarantee its customers total control over the process.

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